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KreyNet Server List

Here is a list with all the Krey Net Servers. You can use any irc client to connect to them. They all listen at port 6667 unless otherwise specified.

Note: You can connect to a random server by connecting to
Location: Brussels, Belgium, Europe
Location: Oostkamp, Belgium, Europe

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Chat with your favorite program
You don't have to use the javachats. You can use your own favorite program to chat on our network! Find here our serverlist, or just connect to

Chat now!
It's easy with our Javachat!
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Your Own Chat
Yes you can have your own chat on your own site too! And this for Free! It's very easy, no registrations are required! Follow this link to set it up!

Celebrity Chat
Yes we sometimes even have chats hosted with celebritys on this network. Look here for a list of scheduled guests.