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Kreynet Policy revision 1.0.2


KreyNet Policy, Version 1.0.2 - Latest update 2004/08/02


This file describes the rules and guidelines for the IRC Network
KreyNet. This file is the final reference for us to find out how we
shall run our network.  This is the highest form of authority.

This policy will serve as a reference as well as a ruling factor in
cases of conflict as to help reduce differences between users, opers,
and administrators of this network.

KreyNet is a network with as mission: to provide an irc network that
is fun to chat on, but also remains professional. We shall remain
independent of any commercial influences.

Management of KreyNet

The KreyNet network needs to be managed.  To do so, there will be
several people and groups of people.

Each server will have its own staff.  Each server has 1 administrator,
which is responsible for the other staff members and the full operation
of his or her server.  He can assign 1 co-administrator and at most 3 
irc operators.

The purpose of opers is only to assist their administrator in the
running of his/her server. Opers not assigned to a committee shall
have no special authority on the network other than to help maintain
peace on the network. In the case of a disagreement on how to handle a
problem, opers shall yield to an administrator.

To manage the entire network, there will be a network committee which
will handle the day-to-day management for the network. The network
committee has the right to make subcommittees and has the right to
delegate the rights it has been assigned as this committee sees fit.

Although KreyNet will be mainly managed by these committees, the final
authority is in the hands of the administrator group.  The
administrator group can recall any decision made by any individual or
committee, and their decisions cannot be overruled, except by the
administrators themselves.

Invoking this authority requires a vote of all administrators and a
simple majority will make the decision final. Voting is done trough
the admins mailing list.  A vote can be requested by 2 administrators,
for any reason, about anything.
A vote by all administrators is required for but not limited to: 
Policy and AUP changes, appointing netcom-members, up- or delinking servers.

All administrators shall be required to subscribe to the administrator
emailing list.  The list shall be allowed for co-administrators, but
shall be closed for anyone else. This is where all official
administrator debates and voting occurs.

Voting by the administrators will always take place on the admins
Mailing list.  At least 50% + 1 of the made votes must be in favor of a
specific topic, and at least 75% of those allowed to vote will have to
have voted, in order to be accepted. Voting must be done within 14
days.  Each server has 1 vote, which may be enforced by the
administrator or co-administrator. The vote of the administrator overrides 
the vote made by his/her co-admin.

The most important committee is netcom. Netcom will exist out of 5
members, which will consist out of the leaders of the other 5
committees. The members of netcom will be voted by the administrators.  
Each member of netcom will remain in netcom for 1 year. After that,
the netcom members must be voted again.

The voting for netcom members will take place each year, all at the
same time.  This means that if some member is replaced within the
running year, the voting will be done again.  Each administrator has 1
vote for each netcom seat.  The administrators will vote at least 1
week before the 1 year period ends.  The administrators will only vote
between the nominees.

2 weeks before the voting, each global operator can nominate any
global oper for a specific netcom seat.  The Nominee must confirm to
the admins mailing list that he/she is willing to perform the task.

The nominees that get the most votes will then be assigned.


Netcom is responsible for creating and managing of subcommittees and
to guide these subcommittees as they carry out their individual
tasks.  Subcommittees are committees under full responsibility of
Netcom and are used to delegate specific tasks.  Since it is Netcom's
responsibility, no additional admin votes are required, since the
chair leader of subcommittees is Netcom itself. Netcom can override
the individual decisions of each other committee.  They are a support
team for the subcommittees.

All netcom members must be global opers.  They will, during the time
they are in netcom, have all the rights and duties as all
administrators, they will only have no right to vote like other admins
if they are only global opers.

The 5 NETCOM members must show a great activity during their
participation in netcom.  If a NETCOM member, for some reason (for
example illness) cannot perform his task adequate enough, netcom can
decide to have a temporary replacement, however, if the netcom member
is no longer to do is task at all, a new member should be assigned by
a vote by the administrators.

If a server wants to change its administrator or co-administrator,
he/she needs to inform netcom about this decision, and for an announcement on
the announcement list.

Any oper or backup-oper changes on any server must be notified to net-com,
which should notify the opers mailing list. The administrators have the 
right to decline these changes by starting up a vote.


Netcom has to make sure the network maintains a high technical
quality.  They may request ping times and/or traceroutes from all the
servers, admins are obliged to help in their ability when requested.
They can request servers to use different links, and can ask
administrators to add or remove configuration lines that allow other
servers to connect.

Servers on KreyNet are supposed to serve the clients that are local to
the server.  Netcom can request limitations, urging clients to connect
to the server that is near to them.

When a new server wants to get linked to KreyNet, first netcom must
investigate the server, and filter out any unworthy candidates. They
will then provide the administrators with all the detailed information
needed about the new server if they think the server will be a worthy
candidate for an uplink.  The administrators group can then cast their

Netcom will look to it that all the ircd's on our network will be
functioning within defined parameters, for example, after a new
version of the ircd is released, netcom will verify that all servers
have upgraded as necessary.

Since it is netcom's responsibility to keep an eye on the entire
network performance, at all times administrators are required to
inform netcom of anything that might influence the operation of their
server.  This includes, but is not limited to: machine defects,
planned downtimes, loss of access, network outage.  Netcom will inform
the administrators if they feel necessary

When a server has not been linked to KreyNet for 14 days, if no valid 
reason can be given by either the administrator or his co-administrator 
upon inquiry, and when this downtime has not been approved, 
Netcom can pursue action against the administrator or his server 
by starting up a vote for removal. netcom can
announce the permanent delink of this server, unless this downtime has
been approved by netcom.  Such a server is no longer seen as a part of
KreyNet and will be required to apply again like any other new server.


Netcom is responsible for creating and maintaining the software used
on KreyNet, and for keeping the services operational.  In particular:
the ircd code and the services will be their main responsibility.  
They will expand services and ircd code with all the necessary options
to reach our main goal, to keep KreyNet a happy place to chat.

When netcom releases a new version of the ircd code, Netcom will
decide how important it is that servers upgrade.  If the update is
important for the stability for the network; Netcom will label it
'Urgent', which means that all administrators must upgrade within 72
hours.  Otherwise, it might be labeled 'Normal', which means that the
upgrade must be done within 1 week.  If they label it as
'unimportant', upgrading is not required.

The required updates will be sent to the KreyNet-Admins list by
Netcom. NetCom can consider a server that fails to meet these
time frames without a valid reason a renegade server and may jupe or
temporarily permanently delink.  Temporary jupes may be set if the server is
causing major network disturbance or is a security risk to the rest of
the network.
Public relations and Website

Netcom will try to maintain the profile of KreyNet on the internet by
maintaining the kreynet website at, and by
representing the network to the outside world.  They will try to
expand kreynet as they see fit.

Netcom will see to it that users can get assistance when needed.  
They will do the official communication about kreynet.

Services and Abuse

Netcom will be responsible for the proper use of services by opers and
users, and the behavior on the network by opers and users. They will also
define the rules by which these services can be used.

If abuse, as described in this document, is spotted on KreyNet the
following actions can be taken: The first step: he client must be
warned and asked to stop his behavior. Step two:  If he/she is not
willing to stop, a kill is allowed to warn him. Step three: If the
client is persisting and not willing to change his/her attitude after
several serious warnings, he/she can be denied access to this network
until he stops his abusive behavior.

If the abuse involves a channel, the owner (or if none, the current
ops) should be asked to stop the abuse.  If they deny this request,
they are violating this policy and can be punished as described above.  
If the abuse can be stopped by the oper by using the services, the
oper has the right to do so. (for example, changing topics can be done
by opers if the topic violates this policy)  Finally, if the abuse
continues, or if there is no other way to stop the abuse, the channel
can be closed by a services operator

Services should never allow any actions that are against this policy,
and those operating the services must make reasonable efforts that
this cannot happen. For example, discriminating channel names should
not be allowed into the channel service, as it is disallowed by the
user rules to be discriminating


When managing something, good communication is one of the most
important items.  The network committee shall ensure that on a regular
basis meetings are being held so all admins and opers can remain
up to date if they want to.  At least once every 2 months such a meeting
should be held.

Oper behavior

Users must be treated with respect at all times. If there are any
personal problems between you and a specific user, /ignore them. Never
act irresponsible or immature. As an oper you represent all of
KreyNet. Ill behavior will result in the users not only disliking you,
but will change their attitude towards our whole network. Ill behavior
may also result in review by the network committee.

Opers shall have no special authority on the network other than to
help maintain peace on the network. In the case of a disagreement on
how to handle a problem, opers shall yield to an administrator. Kills,
glines and expected behavior are to be detailed in this document.

Opers are required to help users with their questions, or at least
redirect them to the appropriate channels where they can obtain help.

Opers function as model for our network and should always set the
right example.  Therefore, all the rules valid for normal end-users
are also valid for all opers on our network. Those, however, who do
engage in any form of abuse on a regular base, will be asked to stop
this. If they are not willing to change their attitude, the oper must
be reported to netcom. The report will be investigated, and if
necessary, actions will be decided. If the oper is to be removed, the
decision must be posted to the Admin-list so all are aware of
the outcome.

Administrators will turn over any actions against another
administrator or oper to Net-Com for review. Administrators shall
never pursue action on their own unless that action is against one of
their own opers. Administrators reserve the right to remove opers from
their own server for any reason.

Administrators must always obey netcom's decisions.  If they
disagree, the only way to respond would be a vote on the
administrators mailing list.  If an administrator does not obey a
netcom decision, and he does not start a vote on the mailing list, he
is clearly violating policy, which means that Netcom can pursue action 
against the administrator or his server by starting up a vote for removal. 
His server can be dealt with as netcom sees fit.

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