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Make your own chatbox

To have the javachat on your site, you must copy paste the following html code into your site:

<APPLET code=main.class height=450 width=600 
  archive=gmorkirc40.jar codebase="">
<PARAM NAME="channel" VALUE="#channel">
<PARAM NAME="server" VALUE="">

In this example you should change the #channel to the channel you want the applet to go to. And feel free to change the height and width values to so the applet looks just the way YOU want. Do not change the other variables, as this might make your applet unuseable

If you want to change your applet a bit more so it fits in more into your site, for example if you want to change the colors, change the language or even if you want to restrict your users more, please go to the advanced options page.

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Chat with your favorite program
You don't have to use the javachats. You can use your own favorite program to chat on our network! Find here our serverlist, or just connect to

What's Cool?
You want to chat on the coolest channel? Go visit the list of popular channels on kreynet here!

If you have a cool channel and you want to be in the list, mail us!

Celebrity Chat
Yes we sometimes even have chats hosted with celebritys on this network. Look here for a list of scheduled guests.