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Make your own chatbox

So you want your own Java chat for your KreyNet channel? It's very easy. You can choose between 2 formulla's. First, there is the simplechat, this one is giving you a popup window where users can chat in, and second, there is the possibility to copy paste some html code, which you can refine to have exactly that chatbox you want to have

I want a chatbox that pops up and is easy to install

I want full control over my chatbox and want to know the html code

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Chat with your favorite program
You don't have to use the javachats. You can use your own favorite program to chat on our network! Find here our serverlist, or just connect to

Your Own Chat
Yes you can have your own chat on your own site too! And this for Free! It's very easy, no registrations are required! Follow this link to set it up!

What's Cool?
You want to chat on the coolest channel? Go visit the list of popular channels on kreynet here!

If you have a cool channel and you want to be in the list, mail us!