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Kreynet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) version 0.1


VERSION 0.1 LAST UPDATE 2004/08/02


I.	Introduction
II.	Rights and Responsibilities
III.	Enforcement
IV.	Conduct Which Violates this Policy
V.	Further Information

I. Introduction

This Acceptable Use Policy governs the use of computers and servers on the 
Kreynet Internet Relay Chat Network, including but not limited to, its 
chat-channels, forums, web pages, and e-mail services. As a user of these 
resources, you are responsible for reading and understanding this document. 
This document protects the users of Kreynet and the system administrators 
and their crew.

Connection to the Kreynet IRC network is a privilege, not a right. 
Kreynet reserves the right to deny access to its network without advanced 
warning and without being under any obligation to provide a reason.

Kreynet is an unmoderated forum made possible by the donations and goodwill 
of volunteer staff. By connecting to Kreynet you accept that you are a guest 
on a private system. Your privilege of use is revokable at any time for any 
reason. Further you accept that you have no claim to any data maintained by 
Kreynet that you have used.

Kreynet does not control/monitor the content transmitted via its services and, 
as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such content. 
You understand that by using Kreynet, you may be exposed to content that is 
offensive, indecent or objectionable. Under no circumstances will Kreynet be 
liable in any way for any content, including, but not limited to, for any 
errors or omissions in any content, or for any loss or damage of any kind 
incurred as a result of the use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted or 
otherwise made available via Kreynet.

Kreynet reserves the right to alter this AUP and any terms and
conditions of service at any time without prior notice. However, a
notice will be posted on the Kreynet Website as soon as possible. Notice is 
deemed given when sent.

The Kreynet AUP is under constant review. We consider comments from our users 
and from experienced staff. We will change this document from time to time. You 
are subject to the AUP in effect at the time you use any Kreynet 
resource/service, and to each revision of the AUP that becomes effective 
subsequently. This version of the Kreynet AUP supersedes all earlier versions.

The formation, construction, and performance of the AUP will be construed in 
accordance with the laws of Belgium. If any provision of the AUP is held 
invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the AUP will nevertheless remain in 
full force and effect. If any provision is held invalid or unenforceable with 
respect to particular circumstances, it will nevertheless remain in full force 
and effect in all other circumstances.

II. Rights and Responsibilities

This network can provide access to resources locally, as well as the
ability to communicate with other users worldwide. Such open access is a 
privilege and requires that individual users act responsibly. 

Users must respect the rights of other users, respect the integrity of the 
systems and related physical resources, and observe all relevant laws, 
regulations, and contractual obligations. Since electronic information is 
volatile and easily reproduced, users must exercise care in acknowledging and 
respecting the work of others through strict adherence to software licensing 
agreements and copyright laws. Kreynet will openly and fully cooperate with 
any duly authorized law enforcement agency in their efforts to enforce their 

By using Kreynet, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Kreynet,
its resource providers, officers, operators, administrators, and
other agents from any and all claims, costs, expenses, judgments,
causes of action, attorney fees, litigation and court costs,
resulting from the subscriber's use of Kreynet services in any manner, 
whether directly or indirectly or by any act or omission.

You are solely responsible for the knowledge of and adherence to any
and all laws, statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to 

1. Your use of any Kreynet service

2. The communications means by which you connect your terminal,      
   personal computer or other device to Kreynet services or to any 
   service provided to and by Kreynet

3. The local Kreynet server you connect to as stated or referenced to 
   in its Message of the Day (/motd).

Your rights herein granted cannot be transferred, assigned, shared, sold 
or used by anyone other than yourself.

Kreynet has the right to delete ALL data files, or other information
that is stored in any database operated by a Kreynet administrator or under 
the auspices of Kreynet once your nick/channel's registration has been 
terminated, by either you or Kreynet.

No warranty is made by Kreynet regarding any information, services or
products provided through, in connection with, or located on the
computer systems owned by, or operated under the auspices of, Kreynet
or any other services provided by Kreynet. Kreynet hereby expressly
disclaims any and all warranties, including without limitation:

1. Any warranties as to the availability, accuracy or content of
   information, products, or services

2. Any warranties of merchantabilitiy or fitness for a particular

Kreynet shall have no liability for damages caused or allegedly caused 
by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption,
electrical surge or damage or interference, deletion, defect, delay in 
operation or transmission, communication line failure.

No representative of Kreynet has any authority to bind Kreynet to any 
affirmation, representation, or warranty concerning the services provided 
by Kreynet.

III. Enforcement

Minor infractions of this policy, when accidental, such as connecting
multiple clients, or flooding, are generally resolved informally by a
network operator and may result in temporary removal from the network
(/kill) or dealt with through electronic mail or on-line discussion
and education.

Repeated minor infractions or misconduct which is more serious may
result in the temporary or permanent loss of server access (k-line) or 
network access privileges (g-line) or the modification of those privileges. 
More serious violations include, but are not limited to unauthorized use of:
K-handles, attempts to steal passwords or data, repeated harassment, or 
threatening behavior. In addition the offender's service provider will most 
likely be informed.

Harassment, as mentioned above, shall include, but is not limited   to, 
the following:

    (*) Repeated unwanted communication to a user beyond that user's 
        reasonably expected ability to deal with the situation (e.g. 
        /ignore & /silence).

    (*) The use of network resources to publicly (viewable from 
        outside a channel; e.g. in a /topic) antagonize, defame, or 
        demean any person.

    (*) Transmitting, without consent, a person's private/privileged
        identification and/or financial information. Examples being: 
        Real Name, Phone Number, Address, Social Security Number, 
        Bank Accounts Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, etc ...

    [Note: Channels structured to facilitate harassment as detailed 
           above are subject to closure.]

Upon receiving a "g-line", the user is on notice that they are no longer 
authorized to access Kreynet's systems. Any attempt to circumvent the 
restriction will be considered trespass and subject to civil prosecution.

The user is instructed to contact the server administrator to facilitate 
the removal of the restriction and to once again be authorized to use the 

Kreynet endeavors to allow all persons to be able to use its services
in a free and unmoderated manner. However, Kreynet will exerciseits 
right to remove users at its own determination, when it feels that doing 
so benefits the community as a whole. There are times when accomplishing this 
requires restricting access to an entire ISP or even an entire country. 
Kreynet will make every effort to work with the affected ISP to track 
down and restrict just the offending   individual(s) and once again 
allow access to the ISP's normal userbase.

The failure of Kreynet to exercise or enforce any right or provision of 
the AUP shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

IV. Conduct Which Violates this Policy

Conduct which violates this policy includes, but is not limited to, the 
activities in the following list:

"	Unauthorized access of a K-account.

"	Using Kreynet to gain unauthorized access to any computer

"	Connecting unauthorized servers to the network.

"	Unauthorized attempts to circumvent data protection schemes or
       uncover security loopholes. This includes creating and/or 
       running programs that are designed to identify security 
       loopholes and/or decrypt intentionally secure data.

"	Knowingly or carelessly performing an act that will interfere 
With the normal operations of computers, servers, or processes on Kreynet.

"	Knowingly or carelessly running any program that may damage or
       place excessive load on a server or the network. This 
       includes, but is not limited to, mass-invites, mass-messages, 
       and programs known as floodbots and clonebots.

"	Connecting an automated client (bot, fserv, etc..) to a Kreynet server 
without prior authorization by that server's

"	Using Kreynet resources for commercial activity, such as 
   advertising or selling a product, for the purpose of financial 
   gain, without prior approval of the Kreynet administration.

"	Forging the identity of a user or machine in an electronic

"	Displaying obscene, lewd, or sexually harassing images or text 
   on a public channel without the prior consent of that 
   channel's operators.

"	Intentionally repeating or transmitting material in a rapid 
Manner producing the affect of harassing a user by "flooding" 

"	Attempting to monitor or tamper with another user's electronic
       communications, or reading, copying, changing, or deleting any 
       part of another user's K-account without the explicit
       agreement of the owner of that account.

"	Using a channel for the primary purpose of facilitating the 
transfer of files.

"	Using or advertising Kreynet resources for unlawful or illegal activities.

V. Further Information

For further information on anything contained in this document, please contact or while online, /join #services and ask to be contacted by a 
Kreynet administrator.

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